Why does Kipchoge’s record is unofficial? Reasons to invalid it

Kipchoge made history running sub two-hour marathon. The achievement is so remarkable that it is compared with humanity first arriving to the moon. But there were several factors of the race organized in Vienna that the IAAF considered invalid.

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, Kenian Eliud Kipchoge became the first human being ever to run a marathon of 42.19 kilometers in under two hours.

However, for the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) the 1:59:40 achieved in the race organized in Vienna, Austria, is not considered as an official world record.

This situation was known in advance by the African athlete and the organizers. There are several reasons why Kipchoge’s record is invalid.

The first reason is that Kipchoge was the only runner in the race trying to win it. The IAAF states that the race must have competition character and at least three runners aspiring to win it, to be considered for the world record.

Kipchoge was not competing against other runners, but against the clock. He was pushing the limit of what the human race believes is possible. He has done what five years ago was believed to be impossible for a human being to achieve.

Another reason is that he had a team of runners supporting him. There was a team of five pace makers in front of him and two runners behind, in a formation similar to an “X”, with Kipchoge at the center.

The seven pace makers were smoothly replaced after few kilometers, so they were all the time fresh runners, following a green laser line in front of them, projected from a car, to keep the required speed, on schedule for a sub two-hours marathon.

Also, the event developed in the Austrian capital did not include anti-doping control, a fundamental IAAF prerequisite. Kipchoge, however, married to a beautiful wife, has three children, trains hard, sleeps 10 hours per day, reads books in his spare time and lives a simple life of freedom.

The logistic and hydration schedule were also designed to optimize Kipchoge’s performance and were not defined stations as required by official rules. Finally, the race’s chosen circuit was flat and not recognized by local regulators nor by the IAAF.

“First let me take this golden time to thank all team”, Kipchoge starting saying in the post-event conference. “We are making history in the sports after several failures”. He attempted the challenge several times before, and holds the official world record of 2:00:26.

It was incredible to see him run so fast and be so relaxed during the entire race. His face did not show any signal of pain or fatigue but causal smiles. Approaching the finish line he looked strong, running super fast, pointing his eyes when he was about to achieve his long-time dream.

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