Top three Amazon Best Sellers in Water Bottles


The Best Sellers lists give you the 100 most popular products of each category, based on sales. But there seems to be other hidden conditions considered when creating these lists. In this post you learn about secrets you should be aware of when deciding for one of these products.


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1. Hydro Flask Brand

First thing to notice is that all three top best sellers are from Hydro Flask, the market’s premium brand for beverage bottles.

Hydro Flask is the brand used by Steel Technology, LLC, the manufacturer of these water bottles.

Steel Technology, LLC manufactures remarkable products. Its unique double wall vacuum insulation technology protects temperature for up to 24 hours of icy cold drinks and up to 6 hours of hot liquids. Its stainless steel interior construction is tough enough for any adventure and do not retain or transfer flavors.

2. Hydro Flask Sellers

Second thing to notice is that there are several sellers of the Hydro Flask brand on Amazon, but only one seller is authorized.

The sellers purchase the products from Steel Technology, LLC and send their stock to Amazon warehouses, and when you buy “Fulfilled by Amazon” does the shipping to your door.

When you click over any of the three products, you arrive at the product page, as shown in the example above.

At first look you may think you buy directly from Hydro Flask, but if you look at the links below the “Buy Now” button, you will realize the products are actually sold by different re-sellers.

When there is more than one seller for the specific product, Amazon hides the price and presents you the link “Available from these sellers”, where you can pick the one you prefer, as shown in the example below.

From any of the product pages, you can explore different sizes and colors, and as you navigate through, to find the one you like, you are actually navigating through different sellers.

This is extremely important, because Hydro Flask does have a Lifetime Warranty only when you purchase from an authorized seller. Well hidden in the questions answered you learn that Tall Ridge is the ONLY authorized seller on Amazon.

3. Hydro Flask Products

And third thing to notice is that the top three best sellers give you access to the complete range of Hydro Flask water bottles promoted on Amazon.

You can observe that top #1 and top #2 are different sizes and colors of the “Wide Mouth” version, with different caps, and that top #3 is the “Standard Mouth” option.

So you may chose yours from a wide range of sizes, colors and caps.

Product Sizes

They have basically two variations, “Standard Mouth” and “Wide Mouth”. Below you can see features and sizes in the Wide Mouth option.

And below you can see sizes in the Standard Mouth option.

Product Caps

Each product includes a specific lid/cap. If you are not satisfied with it, you may add to your purchase the lid/cap you want. Below you can see options for Standard and Wide Mouth.


There are two main conclusions drawn from this analysis.

1. Be Aware of the Seller

The three products presented in the top best sellers show pretty good customer reviews.

The low rated reviews reveal that customers are reviewing all different products (sizes, colors and caps) in each of these three product pages, regardless the seller.

They report differences in product’s quality that seem to have roots in the seller. One possible explanation is that different sellers are getting their products from different factories.

So it’s advisable to be aware about the seller, because the lifetime warranty is only valid if you purchase form the authorized one.

2. Best Sellers Lists are Smarter Than You Think

The Best Sellers lists give you the 100 most popular products of each category, based on sales. But there seems to be other hidden conditions considered when creating these lists.

For example, it might not be a coincidence that you find easy access to all products promoted by a single brand.

Another example: top #2 Best Seller in Water Bottles is also top #1 in Sports & Outdoors; and top #1 Best Seller in Water Bottles is also top #1 in Hydration & Filtration and Camping & Hiking, but does not appear in Sports & Outdoors.

Regardless whether the ranking is based on units or dollars, a math comparison only is not enough to justify these findings.

The result is that you have easy access to better information, to explore the best options available and find the particular product you like the most.